Model RAS-8x2  $429 (+shipping)
Receive Antenna Switching System:  8 antennas to 2 receivers
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Manage Your Receive Antennas With Complete Flexibility!

The Control Keypads Fit Perfectly Alongside Your Keyboard!

The RAS-8x2 has been developed in response to demand from the contest and lowband DXing community for a highly flexible receive antenna switching system. With this unit, you can select among Beverages, K9AY Loops, Pennants, Flags or other RX antennas with complete flexibility. The RAS-8x2 is ideal for SO2R and most M/S and M/2 stations. It's perfect for diversity reception with transceivers having dual-receive capabilities, too.

Features and Specifications:

System components:  
 Master antenna switching unit, in a 2-1/2" x 15" x 8" (H x W x D) aluminum case
 Two (2) pushbutton antenna selector consoles; each one is 1.5" x 2.75" x 5-1/4" (H x W x D), in a compact, rugged extruded aluminum case
 Preamps — 15 dB typical gain, 160 through 40M passband with AM broadcast highpass filter. (Contact us if you have special filtering needs.)

Connection between the antenna selector keypads and the main switching unit is with common DB-25 cables (not supplied). It's not a digital interface, just a convenient way to take advantage of inexpensive standard computer cables.

Made to Your Specifications (this information is required for all orders):
 Antenna connectors — BNC, UHF or F
 Radio connectors — BNC, UHF or F

 Characteristic impedance — 50 or 75 ohms.

Switch operation:  
 Up to eight antennas can be routed to two separate outputs
any antenna to either output with no interaction.
 Simple pushbutton antenna selection — instant antenna change.
 Independent control for each radio.

 15 dB preamplifier/filter — each radio output has its own preamp, switched on and off at the remote keypad.

Bonus Features:
 If you have fewer than 8 receive antennas and your radio has an 'Antenna Out' jack, simply connect it to an unused input — the RAS-8x2 will then control the MAIN/AUX antenna switching, as well.
 Two or more antennas can be selected in parallel for each radio (if spacing and phasing allows them to operate in parallel).

  When the same antenna is selected for both radios, isolation between the two output ports is optimized for 40 dB or more on 160 and 80 meters. Isolation is at least 20 dB over the entire HF range through 10M.
  On/Off isolation is typically 60 dB or better from 160 through 40M.

Additional Specifications and Notes:
  Insertion loss:  3 dB signal split + 0.25 dB typ.
  Level change when both receivers select the same antenna:  0.25 dB max.
  VSWR at antenna inputs (referenced to the specified impedance): Approaches 1:1 for unselected antenna ports; typically 1.3:1 or better for selected antennas, but may vary, depending on the accuracy of your receiver input impedance.

  DC Power:  +12-14VDC @ approx. 500 mA max., (provided by user be sure power source is fused at 1/2 amp.)
  Requires (2) DB-25 cables of the length you need (provided by user be sure to get a cable with all 25 conductors. S
ome older cables with DB-25 connectorsm do not have all 25 conductors.)
  This unit is is not weatherproof. It is intended for installation indoors or in a protected area.

Custom Options:
•  We can provide different filter and preamp options as requested.
•  Band-splitting diplexers and triplexers are available individually or in a system.
•  We can provide a multi-op version with 8 antenna inputs, split into 160M, 80M and 40M-up bands, and distributed to two radios per band.
•  Ask about any other requirement—we may be able to provide the solution you need.

$429 plus shipping, available directly from us.

Please Specify:
1) Connector type (antennas) — UHF, F, BNC
2) Connector type (to radios) — UHF, F, BNC
3) 50 or 75 ohm system impedance

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