KT1V — "Just what I wanted; it's simple to use. Ops for a M/S can walk in, sit down and use it with no training."
(Ted, KT1V, also has the #1 Claimed Score SOHP in the 2005 CQWW 160M Contest!)

K3LR — Custom Multi-Multi setup using three RAS-8x2 units and a filter/splitter for easy selection of Beverages at both Run and Mult stations on 160, 80 and 40 Meters

PJ2T — Winning station for Contest DXpeditions. Uses RAS-8x2 for distribution of an assortment of Beverages, Pennants, K9AY Loop, etc. — recently bought a 2nd unit to expand the system.

K5NA — Achieved a "sweep" of all 80 ARRL/CRRL Sections in the 2004 ARRL 160M Contest

Here's what users and customers say about K9AY Loops
and other AY Technologies' products!

I have just installed a new K9AY system at my QTH. I purchased the turn key unit that K9AY and WX0B now offer. I think it is serial number 001!

The system works very well. I was surprised how easy it was to install. Included in the package was complete step by step instructions with lots of diagrams. I used the new K9AY system for the first time during the Stew Perry 160 contest and I was very impressed with front to back ratios sometimes as high as 30 dB!

73, Tim K3LR

A picture of my K9AY loop is attached.

I use my antenna from VLF to 1.6 MHz and I am very satisfied with its performance. It has variable termination and two extra relays that give me 8 nulls from two loops. I must say that it is definately worth the effort to add this! It is not very complicated, yet it adds twice as many nulls and deeper nulls too.

Why don't you make a commercial "deluxe version" with variable termination and 8 nulls? I think NDB DXers and VLF addicts would love it!

Johan Bodin SM6LKM

I can now say 100% that the antenna works at ANY height if you use the proper ground and in my situation I place radials laid under the bottom wires and some other radials around ( just in case) plus a wire going from the head control straight into the ground system I use for my Ham Radio stuff.

Now I'm able to null almost ALL Miami stations receiving ALL Cuban stations in a perfect CLEAR reception. And when the direction is reversed...only Miami stations are there and the Cubans "disappear." This is amazing!!!!

Also I'm able to listen many Latin stations south of the border and I'm able to null totally one low power station in 1700 Khz ( a Christian Broadcaster no far from my area, may be 10 miles north) and the K9AY is nulling TOTALLY this station and this was a surprise for me.

The antenna is a MUST and is doing more that the expected for me. I'm very happy because I have a G5RV for Ham radio (80 to 10 meters) and one inverted L for 160 meters and I use both antennas something for normal SW listening and I'm totally impressed with the K9AY capabilities.

And Congratulations to the Master itself Gary Breed, K9AY for his work making a nice antenna available to all theDX'ers and Ham Radio community around the world!!!


Lionel Remigio, KC4CLD

Mark, ON4WW's K9AY Loop

Click here to see more at ON4WW's web site

Want to know more about the K9AY Loop — Click Here to join the K9AY Loop Yahoo discussion group (an independent forum that has no connection to K9AY or AY Technologies).

"...K9AY is a loop developed in the early 1990's by American radio amateur Gary Breed (K9AY). Since then DXers, ham operators and commerical enterprises, all have raved and ranted about this loop, calling it 'miraculous', 'stunning' and the antenna that beats anything." ...From the Hard Core DX website.

There is a lot of good information on this website about homebrew versions of the K9AY Loop and the experiences of many users.

Do you have a story of pictures of your K9AY Loop or AY Technologies product installation?

We'd love to share it with others who are interested in them. Just send us an email: gary@aytechnologies.com

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