Arrays of K9AY Loops: “Medium-Sized” Low Band RX Antenna Solutions (PDF)

How to Make a Great 9:1 RX Transformer

How to Build the K9AY Loop Receiving Antenna (HTML)

How to Build the K9AY Loop Receiving Antenna (PDF)

K9AY Loop FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Beverages: How Short Can They Be?

How to Get the Most from Attenuators and Preamps

My Experience with Beverages on 40 Meters

Ham Radio Station Design (PDF)
(presentation at 2009 "ZO FEST" SMC gathering — no narrative, just slides)


Circuit Diagrams (PDF files):

Filter/Preamp used in the AYL-2, AYL-4, PRE-1 (1.8 - 4.5 MHz)

Filter/Preamp used in the PRE-2 (1.8 - 8 MHz)


Instructions for Old Products (PDF)

AYL-4 Instructions - Original version without adj. termination

AYL-4 Instructions - Updated version with adj. termination

RIP-1 Receiver Isolator/Protector


W4OC's Sweepstakes Data

Statistics:  2006-7-8_SS_Stats.pdf

Chart:  2006-7-8_SS_CHART.pdf